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Fall is the season for letting go!

Fall is the season to purge! This is a great time to let go of things around that house that are no longer needed. This also applies to emotional things that we hold onto that are no longer useful!

Letting go is seen in nature, in the fall trees drop their leaves. The leaves then go back into the earth, where they break down and in turn contribute to the growth of new plants! Trees don't hold onto dead leaves in case they need them in the future. You have to let go of the decayed leaves to let new ones in!

We often think of spring as the time to purge things, as in a spring clean. In fact you need to do a fall purge to properly be able to do a true spring clean. Fall is the season to turn inwards, to reveal what is really important in our lives by letting go of the stuff that isn't. Metal is the element of fall and associated with letting go!

Acupuncture can help with the transition between seasons. Acupuncture also helps with stress, anxiety and depression. 25% off of your 1st treatment until the end of October. If you have any more questions please contact the clinic to schedule a complementary meet and greet.

-Sarah McEwan R.Ac.


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