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Acupuncture for Allergies & Asthma


Seasonal allergies affect many people. Traditional Chinese Medicine views it as weakened defensive energy (Qi). They are viewed as an invasion of a pathogen which mostly affects the Lung energy in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture can help to boost the immune system and dispel the pathogen.


Acupuncture can be particularly useful if you are suffering from multiple allergies, since it works to quiet the areas of the immune system that are over stimulated by exposure to multiple irritating factors.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine  there are many factors that may trigger an asthma attack. Examples include the invasion of the external pathogenic factors, diet, emotional disturbances, congenital weakness and chronic illnesses.

Acupuncture can help by treating the cause and reducing symptoms such as shortness of breath, phlegm, coughing and wheezing.



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