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Children's Health


Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory

Children are believed to be immature both physically and functionally; most common pediatric complaints are due to this immaturity. As they are still developing they are more susceptible to issues with their lungs (asthma, cough, cold) and their spleen/digestive system (colic, allergies, constipation, diarrhea, stomach aches).

The treatment of these diseases using TCM have less side effects and aim to eliminate the pathology of the disease instead of controlling or suppressing the symptoms.


Traditionally children under six are not treated with acupuncture needles but rather with other modalities. Acupressure is used on acupuncture points often in conjunction with pediatric massage called Shoni Shen.  Dietary modifications are often suggested pertaining to the individual.

This is helping to balance the body and affected system(s), taking into account physical and emotional symptoms. Children are generally more susceptible to getting sick, but they are also quicker to heal as they are very energetically sensitive.

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