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Why am I Getting Acupuncture on my Ear?

If you've had acupuncture there is a chance you have had points needled on your ear. If you haven't had acupuncture this may sound a little odd. (It may also sound odd if you've had it, but wondered why)

Now let me clarify; ear (auricular) acupuncture utilizes points on the external ear, we're not going to needle the ear! There are acupuncture points in some interesting areas, but not that delicate!

The points on the ear work very much in the same way as body acupuncture points. The ear can be used to treat anything! Physical pain, stress, hormonal imbalance, headaches, anxiety and the list goes on. A very common way to use the points is to use them in conjunction with body points during the same treatment.

Acupuncture points on the ear can be a bit sensitive since some of the points are on cartridge, but as with all points I use very thin needles and needle very gently, and the effects make it more than worth it.

The picture above shows someone receiving an ear seed on an acupuncture point. This is something we can do at the end of a treatment so you have something to take with you to stimulate the point yourself. The ear is it a small radish seed (used for it's size and firmness) and a small piece of tape.

I give everyone thorough instructions on how to use the seed and how long to expect it to stay on (1 day to 2 weeks depending on many things). The point being used in the picture is a very commonly used point one that is very effective at calming the mind and body and reducing the stress response. It can be useful to leave the treatment with a seed on and continue to press on the seed and point in your daily life when it's really needed to help enhance the purpose of the point.

If you have any questions regarding ear acupuncture or how acupuncture could be useful for you please contact me in whichever way you prefer!

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